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Expert  answers to all your trading questions
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Andy's trading program is designed to be an unforgettable and transformative experience. With guided pre-session exercises, live discussions, and tailored support, this course and private community will leave you ready to trade with confidence.

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Andy is an experienced trader and YouTuber who loves to help people all around the world on their personal trading journeys. His informative video content, detailed explanation of the market trends and Technical Analysis speak volumes about his passion for the industry.


Marc D

"I discovered Andy about 2 years ago and I immediately knew he was the one to follow. About 90% of all newcomers fail to become profitable traders within the first 2 years of trading. I’m 100% convinced that learning from Andy’s experience and following his practical approach to the charts can help every trader in speeding up their learning process."

Erik H

"Ever since I found Andy's content my understanding of the charts and technical analysis (TA) has grown exponentially. He makes even the most complex ideas simple. I am excited to dive deeper with him through his course and community and continue to grow, and gain confidence and profitability!"

Weeko Lee

"Andy's course is engaging with a very systematic approach that helps me learn fast."


"As a complete beginner and still very much learning my expectations have been met. Extremely happy to learn with Andy."

Legends Community


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  • Hosted on Discord, join Andy's inner circle of top traders and receive valuable insights every single day.

    What you'll get:
    • Weekly private livestreams with short-term trading opportunities
    • Daily trading setups & price┬áscenarios for Bitcoin & Stock Market
    • Exclusive airdrops & competitions

Trading Masterclass


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  • 30 video lessons exploring the essential elements of technical analysis
  • Quizzes for each module to test your new knowledge
  • Regular LIVE learning group Q&A with Andy
  • Masterclass private chat group
  • Future rewards upon certificate of completion
  • Mobile app (iOS & Android)
  • Discount for private Legends trading community 

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